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    With two films slated for 2015, actress Parvathy is in no hurry to sign more

    Her name is just Parvathy. a�?I am no Menon or Nair. I am just Parvathy,a�? begins the spunky actress. Having done 12 movies in nine years, she is in no hurry to sign films and is taking it slow. a�?For me, living the life is most important. How I perceive my life, what I learn and my sensitivity towards art is what is important,a�? she shares.

    Role model
    Having said that, for 2015, Parvathy has Tamil comedy drama, Uttama Villain, and a Malayalam film, Ennu Ninte Moideen, which is based on the real-life love story of Moideen and Kanchanamala, which takes place in Calicut, in the 1960s. a�?I play an important role in Uttama Villain. I know the film industry wants to give a name to everything, but I dona��t want to call my part a cameo. I am there in the film because I have a purpose. I dona��t care if it is a multi-starrer or I have just five scenes,a�? she says.parvathi

    Movie select
    Parvathy admits to being picky about her roles and tells us how she selects her films: a�?Usually I like a detailed narration and I like a certain sensibility communicated. I generally sleep on the script for a day and get back to people only the next day. Even with Uttama Villain, director Ramesh Arvind and Kamal Haasan spoke to me and explained my role. I got back to them the next day.a�? However, underneath all this gravitas is a regular girl, who likes colouring her hair, dressing up and watching movies, assures Parvathy. Though she has romanced Dhanush in Maryaan and Srikanth in Poo, the actress is no fan of running around trees. a�?I am tired of playing a love struck girl. I would love to do science fiction and action,a�? she says.

    Up close
    Stand out 2014 film: The Past , a French film. I also like Mary Kom for Priyanka Chopraa��s acting. Vacation 2015:A� After these two films, Ia��m going to be on what I call a a�?creative vacationa�� which will give me time to read, write and travel. As for my travelling plans, Dhaka
    is a place I will explore.Brands: I would rather spend money on food and travel than on a Gucci bag.

    Uttama Villan is scheduled to release in mid 2015.

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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