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    City choirs get set to host their Christmas carol events, in spite of the floods

    As the city struggles to get back on its feet, many celebratory events have been cancelled or rescheduled. Like the annual Christmas choir concert by the Madras Christian College alumni. However, a few choristers are determined to give the city a boost of festive fervour.
    Carols by Candlelight, the annual concert hosted by the Madras Musical Association Choir, will take place at St Christophera��s College in Vepery on December 19. Currently in its 56th edition, it will host choirs like the Octet Cantabile, the MMAC and Crotchets & Quavers. a�?Due to the floods we are not able to hold proper rehearsals, but the show will go on,a�? says Augustine Paul, the conductor of MMAC and Octet Cantabile.
    Echoes of Christmas Day, the annual choir concert organised by the Minstrels Carol Service, will feature well-known choirs like Voyz Male, Canticles and Lutheran Mena��s Voice, on December 11 at the Emmanuel Methodist Church in Vepery. a�?This year, our repertoire includes the Christmas Song, our gospel version of Thata��s Christmas To Me by Pentatonix and Enna Aachariyamey, one of my own compositions,a�? says John Sudhakar, one of the founders of Voyz Male choir. The CSI Redeemer Church is also going ahead with its annual carol, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, on December 13 at Anna Nagar East. a�?It is usually aA� grand programme, but this year wea��ve cut down on many things. We want it to be a tribute to the flood victims,a�? says Immanuel Ponraj, the choir director. Finally, there is the finale of Aachi Sing the Season, the annual Christmas carol competition, at the University of Madras on December 13. a�?A short-listed groups of 31 choirs will be performing,a�? says Suresh, general manager of Bells and Rings, the event management company organising the event.

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