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    Catch The Hangover actor turn doctor again in a new TV series
    Ita��s not every day that an actor gets
    to play himself on screen. So, South Korean-American actor Ken Jeong, best known as the weirdo Leslie Chow from The Hangover
    trilogy, counts himself lucky. Comedy Centrala��s new TV show Dr. Ken is loosely based on Jeonga��s seven-year-long career as a doctor in New Orleans. Hea��s also writing for this show.
    Jeong gave up medicine for the love of stand-up comedy and acting. And, he entered Hollywood in 2007 with the role of a maternity doctor in Knocked Up. On his new TV show, Jeong is seen playing a talented physician, Dr Ken Park, whoa��s always struggling to balance his career and marriage. He goes all out, even behind bars, to be a wonderful dad. His onscreen wife Suzy Nakamura is a therapist unlike his real better half, Tran, whoa��s a GP. And, his reel children are much older than his eight-year-old twin girls, Alexa and Zoeey.
    How different is Dr Ken from Jeong? a�?My character has a good heart but he overreacts. He is a little blunt. In real life, I am sensitive. I am self-aware of what I do a�� good, and bad. I am a bit more reasonable than my character. Thanks to my wife, who calms me down,a�? says the actor, who constantly takes feedback from his wife on the episodes he writes.
    His family loves the show, visits him on sets, and his little girls have taken a liking for actor Albert Tsai, who plays the elder son, Dave. And, the 46-year-old couldna��t be happier.
    a�?I am getting older, I have children. So my idea of entertainment and comedy is also changing. The Hangover trinity was to entertain people like me, but Dr. Ken is there to entertain my family and me. I want it to be appreciated by families,a�? says Jeong, adding, a�?I always wanted to perform something that was more family-based, and which is true to me at the same time.a�?
    Sunday, 1.30 pm on Comedy Central

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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