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    Designer Purvi Doshi’s new line is all about natural dyes and fabricsfashionanchor4

    Her latest prêt collection might be called ‘I Don’t Care’, but it’s anything but indifferent. In fact, contemporary designer Purvi Doshi’s new line is all about responsible fashion, and being conscious. “The collection is about making a statement. It’s to say I don’t care if my outfit is sexy or not but I care that it’s made out of handwoven fabric in natural dyes. Often people don’t understand that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, and this collection is to say that my colours don’t pollute,” she says.
    Doshi believes in holding on to the traditions of India by making aesthetic garments in khadi. Her line of designs comprises Indo-Western silhouettes and styles that highlight the best of fusion fashion. “It’s important that I keep my designs trendy and contemporary. My clients don’t buy my creations because it’s made out of plant-based dyes, they buy it because they are up to date with trends. However once they do, I know I can explain how the natural fabric and colours are used to make that one garment,” she says.
    ‘I Don’t Care’ includes Indo-Western outfits such long dresses, handwoven saris, petite short dresses, tunic tops, suits, kurtas and more. The embroidery and the handcrafted patterns redefine modernity with a hint of authenticity. The different shades of colours used include brown, yellow, off-white, wine red, turkey red, indigo, and the range is available for sale on her website.
    “We have used a lot of khadi for the collection and the hand-embroidered motifs are inspired by animals and birds. The drapes are funky with sophisticated silhouettes and subtle colours,” she adds.
    Rs 7,000 onwards.
    Details: purvidoshi.com
    — Nandini Kumar


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