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    Americaa��s apparel and accessories brand, The Childrena��s Place, opens its first store in Chennai

    OFFERING a fashion forward range comprising checked scarves, dresses with leopard prints, little leather boots and accessories, among other kidswear, for newborns to 14-year-olds, US-based The Childrena��s Place, opened its first store in the city at Phoenix MarketCity last week.
    Global reach
    The American retail brand established in 1969 is now operating in 11 countries (including Georgia, Egypt and Canada). It was introduced here by Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited (a subsidiary of textile company Arvind Ltd). a�?We realised that there were more clothing brands for men and women as compared to a child, we decided to bring one. Considering the reputation and versatility of The Childrena��s Place, we chose to bring it here,a�? says Mridumesh Kumar Rai, vice president – speciality retail, Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited.
    Colour plus
    The store is spacious with neatly segregated sections according to age group. Shades of purple and blue dominate the section for older children with vibrant pinks, oranges, reds and yellows for the little ones. The displays are tastefully set, with options like the white lace dress, with embellished collar, paired with a matching quilted crossbody bag and a glittery black ballet shoes. For boys, the T-shirt comes layered with a checked shirt and denim pants. With myriad weather patterns to deal with, between their various outlets in Bengaluru, Mumbai and others, Rai says that plans are on to create collections for each city.A� For now, they are importing all products from the US, leaving local sourcing for later. a�?We cannot bring those thick jackets here during summer. We will get things accordingly. In summer you will find more shorts here,a�? assures Rai.
    Brand code
    a�?Indian consumers are aspirational buyers. They want access to the worlda��s famous brands. People do not come any more to just buy a pant or shirt, they come to buy a lifestyle,a�? explains Rai admitting that there are takers for headbands or shoes priced above Rs 1,000 for toddlers. The vast collection includes clothes, belts, bags, shoes and caps.

    Rs 399 onwards. Details: 30083553

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