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    Director A L Vijay talks about his biggest project yet, Saivam, and how his young actors kept him on his toes

    IMG_9202A L Vijay’s next film, Saivam, does not have any big stars. But that’s only made him work harder on it. “This is an entirely new team. I have to be very responsible because people are going to rate their performance,” says the director, who has big budget movies like Madrasapattinam, Deiva Thirumagal, Thaandavam and Thalaivaa to his name. As per rumours, Vijay has been seeing actress Amla Paul and they are soon to be married. A family drama shot in Karaikudi, Saivam has Nassar in the lead, supported by his son, Baasha, and child artiste Sara Arjun (of Deiva Thirumagal fame).

    Real to reel
    A very personal account, Vijay says the movie portrays his childhood—when he visited his grandmother’s village. “During summer vacations, she would wait for all her grandchildren to come and she would cook us exotic dishes. It was the best part of the year, a time when the entire family came together,” says the director, adding that Saivam is a feelgood film that focusses on family bonding and human values.

    Working with children is a challenge Vijay enjoys. “Kids are addictive. You constantly want to work with them. They do not act—whatever they do is very natural. But they also have their mood swings. Suddenly they’ll say, ‘I am sleepy’. Or, during a crucial scene, they’ll say, ‘let’s play some game’,” he laughs. “I make sure I always have chocolates on the sets. As Sara, the protagonist doesn’t like chocolates, I’d take my BMW to the sets and take her on a drive. Despite all this, it is a lot of fun,” he adds.

    A fan of Iranian movies, Vijay enjoys movies like Pedar (Father) and The Apple. His most recent watch was Queen, which he thoroughly enjoyed. “The movie was amazing. The dialogues, direction and execution were brilliant,” he concludes.
    Saivam is releasing today.

    —Mrinalini Sundar


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