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A look at life in troubled Ukraine

When Alison Dumbell was hit with the news of the uprising and subsequent attack on civilians by the Ukrainian government caused by their Presidenta��s refusal to join the European Union, she couldna��t ignore it. With several of her friends caught in the crossfire, some losing their limbs and some scarred for life, Dumbell had to do something. And she found that an exhibition was an ideal route of expression.

CultureAnchor4After living in Kiev with her husband a manager at a luxury hotel chain, Dumbell, originally from Vermont, USA, soon grew to love the city and its people. a�?When I left Kiev for India, I was still very involved in volunteering and taking care of those affected by the attacks. I was very sad to leave and have vowed to help Ukrainians out in some small way,a�? Dumbell, who moved here in March this year, explains.

Through the lens
Teaming up with her friend, Kirsten Maher, a photographer, Dumbell hosts a photo exhibition this Sunday, featuring a mix of everyday life and the protest area in Ukraine to raise funds for those affected by the attacks. Some of the exhibits feature stunning country-side shots of Ukraine, a happy couple on the side of a street and snow-topped trees, while others are a stark contrast featuring grim-faced policemen and bouquets of flowers placed at the square for those who have lost their lives. The event will also include a sampling of Ukrainian food and drink. a�?I hope to raise awareness and also help people get a better understanding of the country,a�? explains Dumbell. 36 striking images will be display on at the exhibition along with a explanatory brochure.

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