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    What not to miss at Earth Matters 2, the Indo-Korean Ceramic exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy

    Under a leafy canopy in Kalakshetra, 12 Indian and Korean artistes have been moulding clay, sharing ideas and firing kilns for the last four-and-a-half weeks, as part of an Indo-Korean ceramic residency. a�?Ita��s an exchange of everythinga��from techniques and tools to ideas. We even tried our hands at using chopsticks, while they tried eating with their hands,a�? laughs Zaida Jacob, a sculptor from Baroda.
    kalakshetra20With work almost at an end, they are now looking forward to showcasing at least three pieces each at the ceramic exhibition to follow. As we walk through the workshop, we identify pieces we think will take the spotlight. Like Kim Jaegyua��s installation with sheep. Besides the obviousa��2015 is the year of the sheepa��it also explores perspectives of distance and nearness. a�?Watching him work made us realise how much planning helps. He had thermocol moulds made to cast the figurines and frames built to manipulate the sheep. These are things I can adapt when I work on something big in the future,a�? says Srinia Chowdhury, a sculptor from Delhi.
    Chowdhurya��s own installationa��100 hanging pin wheels, a reminder of childhood dreamsa��along with a two-faced bust, are bound to be stand outs, too.
    We are also excited about Jacoba��s series of dwellings (a�?houses are a reflection of usa�?), Kim Younghyuna��s slip cast installations, Chennai-based Potrarasana��s bird installation (a�?nature versus citiesa�?) and Jung Hyesooka��s interpretation of coconut palms and local pottery.
    Organised by InKo Centre, Arts Council Korea, Kalakshetra and Lalit Kala Akademi. February 25 to March 5, at the Akademi. Details: 28291692

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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