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    Castle, the addictively humourous thriller series, is just about half-way through the seventh season and has already delivered some epic stories, big moments and even the long awaited Castle-Beckett marriage. But showrunner David Amann tells us that ita��s just the beginning of a�?a huge shakeup in 2015a��. The season will also reveal what happened to Castle when he went missing. a�?Expect distinct changes,a�? teases Amann, before elaborating on his plans for the future, especially for his characters he writes a�� Rick Castle, Kate Beckett, Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito.

    Picking up after the break.
    The last Christmas episode Bad Santa was a light-hearted one mixed with crime, where Beckett, despite being not very keen, joins in the Christmas celebrations at Castlea��s home. Now that they are married, certain dynamics will change, and shake things up on their professional and personal front.

    OTBLead5 (1)More on their professional lives.
    Kate Beckett is a detective through and through. She will continue to do her job. But Castlea��s work will be different. He will be expanding his portfolio a bit and branch out into private investigation. That is why, the next episode is called Castle P.I..

    Pulling theA�mystery along.
    As a series, we see that it has much more life and it opens up further for storytelling. Each season will throw up something different for the audience to take in. As for the Castle mystery of this particular season, in which he loses his memory, we will be revisiting the story on and off. Hea��ll certainly learn more about what happened and will come away with a better understanding about the whole event.

    Staying away from monotony.
    There is a template that the show adheres to but there is a huge range of tones we can play around with. We have episodes that are serious, and played out almost like mini-thrillers. And then we also have episodes that are highly comedic. That shift is what keeps the audience really engaged.

    What next for Esposito and Ryan?
    Castle and Beckett are central characters despite which Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) will play larger roles than wea��ve seen before. They both have comedic and dramatic talents as actors, and that really adds to the show.

    The hardest part of the series. Not replicating ourselves. Wea��ve done about 140 episodes so we need new ideas constantly.

    Favourite season.
    Each season has different merits. Castlea��s gone from being an outsider to realising hea��s in love with Beckett, to marrying her. So each is a revelation and explores different avenues.

    Underrated series. Orphan Black is a huge favourite of mine. It is a sci-fi thriller about clones and personal identity. The Americans, The Goldbergs, The Missing and Homeland are my top picks too, but at the moment, Orphan Black takes top spot.
    Castle returns on January 14, on Star World Premiere HD at 10 pm
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