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1. Italian contemporary artist Francesco Clementea��s tent installation. For 40 years, Clemente has collaborated with Indian artisans in Chennai, Orissa, Varanasi and Jodhpur, creating his series of tents using a range of techniques such as embroidery, block printing and his own spectacular paintings.

2. Faig Ahmed, an Azerbaijani artist, lives and works in Baku, and uses the most basic components of a deconstructed rug, woollen threads and arabesque patterns, to elasticise perceptions of the cultural icon in carpets.

3. Krystian Truth Czaplicka��s Untitled (Fungus) project is a laconic yet very poetic project,comprised of duplicated forms, which Czaplicki annexes to urban architecture. It has appeared on the streets of Warsaw, London, Manchester, Rome and Moscow.

4. With Memory of Red, Smriti Dixit connects personal and collective memories, and artwork flows like a web of arteries, of bloodline and lineage, passed from one woman to another. Dixit invites viewers to leave personal objects, and through the duration of the fair, will keep incorporating them.


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