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Covering drama, romance and comedy, Bengaluru-based theatre group Wild Horse Entertainment presents KISS a�� Keep It Simple Silly, a tongue-in-cheek collection of nine short plays, that co-director Karthick Sekar says packs a punch, thanks mostly to the playsa�� brevity. a�?Since the storylines are crisp and to the point, the messages that need to be conveyed will come across sharply,a�? he explains.
The production has 21 cast members and two directors, and the plays have all been picked keeping in mind their entertainment value with no common thread connecting them. a�?They are all plays involving different characters in different places. So you get variety, rather than just one storyline. The plays will make you think and also keep you entertained,a�? Sekar tells us.

Life lines

The 90-minute long show starts off with Mail Unintended, which deals with trust issues faced by todaya��s couples. a�?This one reflects the problems faced by young couples and is something that our target audience can easily relate to,a�? he shares. This will be followed by Wiser Love, which portrays how love blossoms as people get older and wiser. Apart from the theme of love, the show has something for everyone with plays such as, Mr Clean a�� an original story of a hygiene freak who annoys everyone around him with his obsession for keeping things clean, Crazy at Midnight, which is about a boy who gets a call from his friend at midnight and the troubles it leads to, and Girl Talk, which deals with how girls share the happenings in their lives with their pals and how jealousy sometimes overshadows friendship. a�?Since this is a collection of short plays, we do not have elaborate sets. However, there will be basic sets and background music during crucial scenes,a�? he reveals.
Founded in 2014, Wild Horse Entertainment specialises in conceptualised mad ads apart from plays, and KISS is their fourth production to date, their previous ones being Death, a dark comedy by Woody Allen, Blitza��a collection of comedy sketches and Never Too Late. a�?We promise a laugh riot, so come prepareda�? he signs off.
Sunday, 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm. At Alliance Francaise, Vasant Nagar. Tickets (`250) on bookmyshow.com
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