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Our City is heading towards winter, and the nip in the air is sometimes positively icy. But the social scene warms up everyday, making the social bees hot, hotter and the hottest. Designer duds with plunging necklines (the men are competing with the women neck to neck) and dangerously high-heeled branded footwear clack purposefully on polished floors, sending the temperatures soaring.

Since this isna��t the age of a�?decorous,a�� peals of high-pitched laughter and inebriated banter rule the roost. So dahlings, follow me to get a birda��s eye view of the (nouveau) riche and the (in)famous.

Youra��s truly was invited to be a chief guest for the musical, Somewhere over the Rainbow, directed by the very talented Kevin Oliver and Judith Bidapa. A gifted cast and choir danced and sung the famous songs to perfection. All the proceeds of the play went towards charities that benefited children who are not as fortunate as ours. This is the Bangalore I love, where people from all walks of life come together for a noble cause.

This week was a a�?play festa�� of sorts for me. I braved the distance and traffic to watch an excellent production, Rafta-Rafta, at Jagriti. Again, excellent acting, a fabulous storyline and a treat for theatre lovers a�� makes me feel that Namma Bengaluru is finally coming of theatrical age.

We were invited to the grand opening of the famous Ritz-Carlton. The uber luxury hotel threw open its doors for the creme-de-la creme of our city on Friday. The spectacular hotel was buzzing with people who vied with one another to be seen and heard, greeting and meeting, and posing for pictures. GM Shane Krige and his entire team made sure that all the guests experienced their famed hospitality to the fullest. My favourite restaurant was The Lantern, a Chinese restaurant spread over three floors that pandered to different tastes on every level. Simply superb!

It is always a pleasure to meet the genteel Jean-Jacques Cattier, president of Cattier Champagne. His old world charm and impeccable manners invariably makes one feel extra special. So it was with a skip in my step that I trotted off to Sanctum, for the ongoing global 250th anniversary celebration of Cattier Champagne. He personally took interest in making us sample the superbly crafted wines, and my personal favourite was the sublime rose champagne, aptly called the a�?Red Kissa��!
Till next week, kisses to you too mes chA�ris.

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