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Some accessories to help you extract the maximum out of your off-roader6

Our stock 4×4 vehicle is almost a blank canvas. You can accessorise and modify it into the monster you need it to be, off the tarmac. Start with the essentials mentioned below

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Your off-roading skills may be great for getting your vehicle out of mud and slush. But sometimes youai??i??d need extra assistance, where mechanical power from another truck might be employed to pull your vehicle out of a sticky situation. This can be managed with the help of a winch, consisting of a spool and crank, which can be mounted onto the bumper. Opt for a dependable brand like Warn. Warn Tabor 8K Rs 63,950. Details: 4x4offroad.in

Mud terrain tyres
Switching to grippier, more resilient tyres to avoid slipping in slush is a good idea before you head out on country roads. Look for durable options with thick shoulder walls to avoid chipping, dual protect bars for puncture resistance and extra grooves for better traction. Yokohoma Geolandar Tyres start at Rs 5,290. Details: yokohama-india.com

Off-road jack
A regular jack is not enough for situations where your vehicle needs to be lifted, pushed, pulled, winched or clamped in harsh terrain. Invest in a high-quality jack thatai??i??s lightweight but capable of serious heavy lifting, depending on the weight of your vehicle. Hi-Lift Jack R s 28,359. Details: 4x4offroad.in


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