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    Quibron-t without prescription The mundane gets a makeover with home essentials catching the attention of innovators

    WHile Norwegian designer Stian Korntved Ruud decided to carve a spoon a day for a year (in 2014)ai??i??to explore the various forms it can takeai??i??today, similar ai???design challengesai??i?? are throwing up newer forms of familiar products, like flat measuring spoons and knives without handles. Closer home, ad man Anantha Narayan and art director Joseph Babin of Wannawill Inventorium have given the humble round idlis a 21st century update, with their shell idli moulds that have been trending on social media recently. ai???This generation, especially the millennials, like their products to look cool. And one of the most boring designs is that of the idli, which hasnai??i??t seen much innovation in the last 1,000 years. So we made the boring unboring,ai??? smiles Narayan. We look at a few
    other designs that are also rewriting the rules.

    Shell idli plate
    The ad man and the art director wanted to kick off their new venture with something familiar. Hence, the shell idli plate. ai???Since idlis are traditionally white, we felt the scallop shell shape would be ideal. With this, we are essentially saying, ai???Weai??i??ve created the canvas, you be the food artistai??i??,ai??? says Narayan.

    Polygons measuring spoon
    Itai??i??s almost like origamiai??i??a single piece of flat plastic that folds
    into four different measuring (tablespoon) sizes. Created by Ahmedabad-based designer Rahul Agarwal, the founder of Polygons Design, the designai??i??which is currently on Kickstarter, where it has crossed its
    crowdfunding goals 60 times overai??i??will cut down on kitchen clutter and even double up as
    a spatula. `300 approx. Details:

    The Primitive knife
    The first thing you do when you pick up a knife is get a good grip on the handle. But Italian designer Michele Daneluzzo has done away with it in this stainless steel version which is reminiscent of the flint cutting utensils that date back to the Stone Age. A subtle ridge on top helps you handle it, while its rounded front and back make slicing and cutting easy. Under production.

    Details: delben.eu

    Westiental cutlery
    Forks and knives that resemble chopsticks and vice versa, thatai??i??s China-born designer Wen Jing Laiai??i??s experiment. Drawing on her experiences in the East and the West, her range combines
    textures, shapes and materials. Exhibited at Kingston University, the line is expected to go into production soon.

    ai??i?? Surya P Kumar


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