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City chefs talk about their favourite gastronomical films

We storm the kitchens of some of the best-known chefs in the city and discover which food-centric films hit the right taste buds a
head of the much-awaited film release of Chef next week. a��Team Indulge

Arjun Sajnani
Owner, Sunnya��s
My all-time favourite is more about food than anything else. Ita��s Eat Drink Man Woman by Ang Lee, which, through food, depicts how families journey together through love and heartbreak. It is truly touching and poignant.

Tanisha Ravindra

Pastry chef, The Oberoi
Chocolat, based on the novel by Joanne Harris because like Vianne Rocher (the protagonist), I believe that good food comes from passion and has immense power over human emotions and consequent actions.

Shisham Hinduja
PA?tissier and founder, Happy Belly Bakes
Chocolat for romance with chocolate. No Reservation for the life and work balance, Julie and Julia because it is inspiring and Tortilla Soup for ita��s brilliant emotions.

TrendReport11Krishna Sharma
Executive sous chef, The Park, MG Road
Cheeni Kum, where Amitabh Bachchan plays a chef. Though there were hardly any scenes with him in the kitchen, it was quite exciting for me.

Manu Chandra
Executive chef and partner,
Monkey Bar and Olive Beach
Babettea��s Feast and Big Night because they bring out the passions, tribulations and pains of being a food professional and not just a chef. They were way ahead of their time and beautifully made.

Rohan Malik
Owner, executive chef, Muse Bar & Kitchen
Julie & Julia, Sideways and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am very curious about Chef, which looks like the perfect food movie.

Daniel Koshy
Pastry chef, JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru
Ratatouille because it is charming. Chocolat inspired me to play with chocolate. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had the maximum impact on my life, as it stressed on the importance of family. And Sideways which is about something every foodie flirts with at some point: obsession.

Abhijeet Saha
Founding director and chef, Caperberry and Fava
I have quite a few favourites. Ratatouille because it is really cute and very different, and Cheeni Kum because it takes a mature approach to the profession and breaks away from Bollywood chef stereotypes. Also, No Reservations and Chocolat.

Arzooman Irani
Executive chef
Vivanta by Taj – Whitefield
Julie & Julia a�� I was particularly impressed by the way Julie takes up the challenge even though shea��s not a professional cook. It shows her seriousness and passion for food as well as a sense of adventure and admiration for her mentor.

Vijay DavidTrendReport9
Executive chef, Grand Mercure
Ratatouille. I love it because of the way they have portrayed the little chef in the movie. Hea��s very strong and knows what hea��s doing.

Sandip Narang
Executive chef, The Taj West End
Ratatouille a�� very inspirational, especially with a tagline like a�?Anyone Can Cooka�?. It exudes passion and a solid love for food. My favourite part is the final review by the critic Anton Ego.


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