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    The Home Bakers Guildai??i??s Grand Annual Bake Sale just got its desi on with fusion desserts. Tender coconut jelly jars anyone? Kamagra jelly wholesale

    Punctuality could pay off with pastry this weekend. Given the crazy crowds that the Home Bakers Guildai??i??s Grand Annual Bake Sale has been known to draw. You know weai??i??re not exaggerating when organiser KP Balakumar recalls, ai???Nearly 4,000 desserts were devoured in an hour the last time we hosted it in 2015.ai??? So itai??i??s good news that in their eighth edition, the Guild has finally decided to shift to a larger space, the grounds of St Patrickai??i??s School at Adyar, and of course, substantially expand their menu.

    Fusion desserts seem to be trending this time around. Think Rasamalai Cake Shots, Tender Coconut Jello Jars and Gulab Jamun Macarons. Live music is another welcome addition to the mix, and we wouldnai??i??t be surprised if someone broke into the lungi dance, with the sugar high thatai??i??s likely to follow.

    The Home Bakers Guild is a platform that was founded by way of a Facebook page, courtesy Balakumar five years ago. Ironically, he doesnai??i??t bake! But the food blogger tells us with a laugh, ai???I started it because I found a lot of homebakers who showed so much promise but didnai??i??t have a platform to promote themselves.ai??? Back in 2012, the group rolled out humble pie with about 100 members. Today, believe it or not, the number has crossed 1,25,000. And it isnai??i??t just frequented by bakers pan-India. ai???We have people from all over the world on the group. Whatai??i??s most surprising is that they arenai??i??t just from places that immediately come to mind, like Australia and the US. There are a lot of requests from more remote areas like Syria, Botswana, Nigeria, Uganda and Iran.ai???

    But back to the much-awaited feast. There are 15 homebakers who will lay out a spread of both sweet and savoury goodies. Think Matcha Swirl Bread, Flourless Chocolate Almond Fudge cake, Zaffrani Badam Halwa, Whole Roast Zaatar Chicken, Meatloaf pots and for a change, a home-ground cocoa mix. A handful of commercial stalls that will be selling baking supplies, vanilla extract and exotic cheeses promise to have you both stoked and stocked ai??i?? even if youai??i??ve never touched an oven before.

    At St Patrickai??i??s School, 29, 1st Crescent Park Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar on Sunday. 4 pm to 7 pm. Prices: Rs 50 to Rs 200.
    ai??i?? Sonali Shenoy


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