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    Thomas Haden Church returns to the small screen after 20 years

    Recognised for films like, Sideways (2004), Easy A (2010), starring Emma Stone and We Bought A Zoo (2012) alongside Scarlett Johansson, actor Thomas Haden Church now returns to the small screen, with Divorce. The villainous Sandman from Spider-man 3 is the male lead, Robert, opposite Sarah Jessica Parker who portrays the role of Frances, his wife. Stuck in an unhappy marriage, the seven-episode old sitcom focuses on the challenges the two face while going through a divorce. We talk to the 56-year-old artiste about what to expect.

    What attracted you to the project?
    It would be remiss of me to say that it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker. HBO has offered me a few things here and there over the years, and I just never really thought it was the right fit, but then Sarah Jessica reached out to me personally, because we’d worked together before, and we really enjoyed it. And so, I read the script and had some ideas, I gave them a bunch of notes. They came back and had expanded on some of my ideas, and I was like, wow, this really is going to be collaborative.

    We understand you hadn’t done television in a while either.
    Yes, I hadn’t done television in 20 years. The first ten years of my career were almost completely defined by television. I moved to LA in 1989, and was there until 1999, and I did six seasons of Wings, two seasons of Ed and Stacy, then I had a two-year deal at ABC Disney to co-create and exec-produce a show. And it’s like, that’s ten years—I didn’t think there was anything for me there anymore.

    What do you think makes you so right for the role of Robert?
    Once I get to set, once I am in the show, I am just Robert – I just go and be Robert. No one has ever seen me bring my phone to set. They’ve never seen me bring any artifact of my personal life—unless I’ve got a cough, or I’m limping because I got hurt working out—I don’t bring any artifact of Thomas Haden Church to set.

    What were the locations you used for the show?
    We shot all over Westchester County. A lot in Hastings, actually, because that’s where the house is. Also in Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn. It’s all too crowded for me, I live on a ranch in Texas.

    Airs Mondays at 10pm on Star World Premiere HD

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