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    Planning a A�wedding is no easy task, but this book simplifies it for all

    Ita��s the grand Indian hullabaloo. Everyone from mummyji-papaji, amma-appa to NYC cousin, Dubai aunty, London friends, Delhi nephews and nieces seem to be involved in this amalgam of rituals. Even the sweetest of girls often turn into obnoxious bridezillas. Planning an Indian wedding is complex. And religion is no bar. Whether a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or a Jewish wedding, an Indian wedding is a serpentine list of endless demands.
    In an attempt to put an end to this madness, at least in theory, Bengaluru-based wedding planner Sonam Poddar Hissaria has penned The Great Indian Wedding Planner. More of a practical guide than a book written for the literati, ita��s the outcome of Hissariaa��s personal experiences planning weddings. Earlier, she planned family weddings, then friendsa�� weddings and eight years ago, she founded Shaadi Etyadi, her company. a�?I have been planning weddings ever since I can remember. So my book is based on how to deal with planning traumas, the terms and conditions of vendors involved and finally, about making the bride look her best,a�? says Hissaria.
    Right from pointers to follow 365 days ahead of your big day, to finalising the details of your honeymoon, this book covers everything. Whether it is budgeting for the wedding, hiring an event manager, zeroing in on a suitable venue, or dealing with unreasonable vendors and service providers, tricks of the wedding trade are discussed in detail. Written for millenials, particularly young women who like to plan their weddings down to the last detail, this is an essential handbook for a stress- free wedding.

    Rs 345. Published by Wisdom Tree. Available on amazon.in

    a�� Ayesha Tabassum


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