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    Most radio stations follow a similar orbit when on air. If ita��s early in the morning, they believe the best way to start is with spirituality coupled with a touch of astrology. You get music, content and sometimes tips from experts on how you can cleanse your soul and rejuvenate your spirit. Tips are something you will always get from any radio station. Some stations term it as expert advice, but if you were a waiter you would be one happy human.
    Now, as the morning progresses into rush hour, radio stations suddenly want to get into combative modea��just to take on the hard day ahead. In comes the newspaper headlinesa��clothes in the guise of current affairs. Those who missed out on all the showmanship on TV news channels the previous night, can get a localised version of the same.
    After 11 am, stations know for sure that the housewives await their magnanimous presence on-air. The picture often drawn of a housewife by them is of a woman cooking in the kitchen. No surprises when you have so many cooking shows doing the rounds, not to forget expert tips. My question is: what if the housewife has a cook? I think stations need to now draw a new picture of a housewife.
    We get to post noon and suddenly radio stations want the youth as their listeners. Maybe they believe that the young lot never take an afternoon nap and thata��s why they should be targeted. Once that is done, ita��s time to embrace the eveninga��thought of as easy listening time. So out come the ludo boards, snakes and ladders, marbles and five stones. Ita��s game time, folks.
    Late nights are interesting on radio as ita��s time to fall in love all over again. The presenter will be all sultry and husky, the music would be suggestive and, ideally, you should have the Nike tag line tattooed all over yourself. The next day arrives and you wake up to see your spiritual side again.
    See you next week.

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