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    Rotten fruit and veggies will be history with this round-up of apps

    Buying fruits and vegetables is an art. Not all of us are clued in to the world of tapping, sniffing and inspecting, to pick the perfect specimen. But instead of dialling home, we say load your phone with these apps that will make trips to the market a breeze. From offering advice on selection to gauging ripeness and freshness, they will get you out of any a�?rottena�� spot.
    Melon Meter: Choose the best watermelon by simply tapping your iPhone on it. Place the microphone on the fruit, press the red button and keep tapping it till the app tells you to stop. This 2011-app (it still has no competition) will analyse the sound (or the decay signature) and tell you if it is ripe. Rs 128. Details: itunes.apple.com
    Harvest: This two-year old app tells you how to select the freshest produce. From squeezing avocados, smelling pineapples and analysing the colour of a peach, it has advice for everything. It also shows pesticide levels and tells you whata��s in season. `128. Details: itunes.apple.com
    PickMe Veggies: Launched in 2013, this one is all about tips. From what to look for to how something will smell if it is a�?offa��, the free app will guide you to choose the best broccoli or asparagus. It also has a version for fruits, called PickMe Fruits. Details: play.google.com
    Specialty Produce: With a database of over 1,400 items, the free app gives information like the history, cultivation methods and seasonal availability of produce. Launched last year, it also has inputs from food bloggers from across the worlda��on nutrition value, taste and recipes. With a separate category for Indian specialities, it notifies users when a particular produce becomes available in his/her area. Details: specialtyproduce.com
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