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    Why settle for the usual this World Whisky Day? The Vaulta��s Keshav Prakash unearths a few gems

    From Taiwan and Japan to Seattle and good old Scotland, acquaint yourself with these unusual malts, recommended by whiskey connoisseur Keshav Prakash, the man behind The Vault a�� an online reserve of spirits sourced from all over the world.

    Kavalan Solist
    This is proof that maturation quality is more important than a number. This single malt from Taiwan, which has the highest singlemalt-to-blended-whiskey consumption in the world, is a result of the technical excellence of Dr Jim Swan, and master distiller, Ian Chang, who was awarded the Master Distiller of the year 2015, World Whiskey Awards. Details: kavalanwhisy.com

    This new world single malt is a benchmark for American spirits. Master distiller, Matt Hofmanna��s Westland Distillery in Seattle is the envy of many in the craft distillery business. Barely five years since it launched its first expression, it is today considered a top craft distillery, and was awarded the Craft Whiskey of the year 2015 at the World Spirits Competition.
    Details: westlanddistillery.com

    This is a super heavy, peated single malt. Ita��s proof that there is scope for creativity even in a traditionally-driven industry. The whiskey, named after an extinct distillery, is produced by Bruichladdich on Islay and is peated between 180-210 ppm. This is not a daily dram, but a must-have, to surprise peated whiskey-loving guests. Details: bruichladdich.com

    Ichiroa��s MaltA�Chichibu
    Ichiroa��s Malt by Chichibu Distillery from Japan is my pick of the not-so-commonly-found label, as the world goes gaga over Japanese whiskey. This boutique distillery, founded by master distiller Akuto San, grandson of the founder of Hanyu, produces small batches of single malts. Details: facebook.com/ChichibuDistillery

    Keshav Prakash



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