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    With cranes, butterflies and some hip-hop, Puppet Fantasy, Hooray explores a myriad emotions

    There will be plenty of music and dance, but no words. And that is OK, feels Korean puppeteers Kyu Mi Ko and Bongsuk Kim, because emotions really dona��t need a vocabulary. Their puppet company, Manetsangsahwa, is debuting Puppet Fantasy, Hooray in the citya��aA� show that seeks to recreate the emotions and beauty associated with Korean culturea��as part of The Little Festival. a�?It is a series of interconnected scenes, each represented by a different puppet, and we will be using traditional techniques to tell our tales,a�? explains Kim, who directed the one-hour performance.
    Written by Kyu Mi Ko, the 10 stories will use puppetry, traditional dance, music and mime. a�?Manet refers to mime and SangsahwaA� to puppet shows. We use puppets made of natural, organic materials and in each scene we will use a different technique, like the marionette style or the bunraku (a Japanese style),a�? she says.
    Butterfly effect
    With sets that incorporate drawings of plums, orchids, chrysanthemums and bamboo, the puppeteers will take centrestage with over 10 puppetsa��from little ones to life-sized ones. a�?The stories will explore joy, sadness, love and excitement, universal emotions we can all connect with. Some of the highlights are the Butterfly Homagea��showing the advent of spring, which stands for hope and optimisma��and Puppet Salpuria��a traditional dance performed to turn grief into joy, that has been recreated with puppetry,a�? says Rathi Jafer, director of Inko Centre, who brought down the artistes. a�?You can also see contemporary snapshots, like a grandfathera��s hilarious attempt at hip-hop and a little puppeta��s arirang (Korean folk song),a�? she adds. Each of the stories will be preceded by a short description, which will be projected on to the backdrop.
    Art connect
    According to Kim, puppetry is a powerful art form. a�?It is rich with imagination and is a wonderful medium to connect with the audience, especially children. In fact, Manetsangsahwa is developing educational training programmes for kids,a�? he informs. With plans to take the show to Bengaluru next, he adds that this is also a great opportunity to introduce Korean culture to the country.

    Tomorrow, at 6 pm, at the Museum Theatre. Rs 200. Details: indianstage.in

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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