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Customised Krav Maga modules to help corporates face road rage and sexual harassment

Developed for the Israeli army, the martial art form of Krav Maga has been gaining popularity in the city for a few years. But now, one of its exponents is taking it in a new directiona��by making it work as a tool to battle things we face in day to day life, like sexual harassment or even road rage. a�?After conducting awareness workshops in some corporates last year, we recently launched 20-hour modules that cover road rage, fitness at work, and for women, how to deal with sexual harassment,a�? says S Sreeram, a Krav Maga expert with 10 years experience and the owner of Krav Maga Tamil Nadu, an outfit started in 2009 which has five centres in the city now.

Defensive moves
For women, the focus is on staying strong in panic-inducing situations, using objects they have access toa��from pens to bagsa��to protect themselves and learning techniques to fight back. a�?Currently we are working with companies like Cognizent, Bank of America, HP, Standard Chartered and TCS,a�? says Sreeram, who also trains the state police commandos.

For men, the classes are tailor-made to give them controla��mostly over their emotions. a�?Violence is not always the answer. As part
of the road rage module, we teach people to handle situations with the four Dsa��delay, diffuse, divert and deny. Only if this doesna��t help do we encourage them to use force,a�? he says.

These courses are also available at their various centres. Rs.A�4,000 for a 20-hour module. Details: 9340006600/kravmagatamilnadu.com

a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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