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Arbor Brewing Company gets a new steward and a tour

Being from Great Britain, beer is an integral part of Oliver Harfielda��s culture. Born in London, Harfield moved to Michigan with his family and now lives at Ann Arbor, the home of Arbor Brewing Company (ABC). Being a beer lover, and learning about the various kinds on his travels around Europe, moving to Ann Arbor only intensified that passion. Having spent some time working with the staff and brewers at the original ABC, Harfield is here till the end of July to host tastings and spend time chatting about craft beer to those interested. He tells us more about the craft of brewing.

Starting out young.
As a child, my parents would take my sister and me to the local pub on a Sunday afternoon, as theya��d share a pint. I loved the sense of community that surrounded sharing a pint. After moving to Michigan, I discovered a vibrant craft beer scene with all sorts of brew creations around.

What is your favourite beer at ABC?
It depends on my mood. We have a beer called American Magic which I am a big fan of. Ita��s a nice light ale spiced with orange and ginger to give it a really refreshing feel.

Opinion of flavoured beer…
It is fun to experiment with unconventional flavours. I never thought that honey and lavender would work in a beer, yet our Smooth Criminal is one of my favourite beers on tap!

Looking into the beer crystal ball…
I think we are already seeing people step away from the conventional bottled light beers such as Bud Light as the population grows more knowledgeable about what they are drinking. This means that big bottlers are going to need to adapt to make more creative, good quality beers, which includes using quality ingredients. This really gives microbreweries the chance to step into the main stage. This city looks like it will have a very sustainable future.

Tell us about the tour.
We start by talking about the four main ingredients in our beers, then go on to look at each stage in the brewing process and how the ingredients become the drink we all know and love.

At Magrath Road. Details: 8050144477

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