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    French bands Ottawan and Kaoma bring their brand of disco and pop.

    Ita��s time for a quick trip down nostalgia lane. Phoenix MarketCitya��s Rewind Retro music festival is bringing to town two music bands that made a mark with their music back in the a��80s and a��90s. In their debut performance in the country, French bands Kaoma and Ottawan promise a night to remember, whether you are a fan of pop or not.
    The band shot to global fame in 1989, with their hugely-popularA� song Lambada. In fact, lead singer Robert Dru recalls how people a�?began learning the lambada dancea�? after it released. Performing in French and English, they promise to make you groove to the tunes from their album, Worldbeat. a�?Kaomaa��s music is all about dance, which has no barriers in terms of age, caste or social standing,a�? shares Dru, who will be performing with Alex Francfort (guitar and vocals), Corine Singer (drums) and dancers Gumicio Maya and Reinaldo Reis.
    They were known for their dance anthems D.I.S.C.O., Hands Up, Shalalala and Youa��re OK. Now, Esther de Bijl and Robert Walker will refresh our memories with a performance that will include all their classics. Though the band has not come up with anything new since 1982, they believe that fans find their a�?music ageless, even 20 years down the linea�?. Admitting thatA� pop music has changed over the yearsa��with electronic sounds and gadgets taking overa��de Bijl insists audiences will still a�?jive to our songsa�?.

    Tomorrow at Phoenix MarketCity, from 7 pm onwards. Entry atA� Rs 250. Details: 66513008

    a��Lalitha Ranjani


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