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    They arrived with a new flavour of music,a much needed change for a city like Chennai. Word on ground is that Fever 91.9 has pleasantly surprised its listeners with their mix of Hindi music. I caught up with J Harinarayan, the stationa��s programming head to find out more about theirA� USP and their future plans.

    Do you agree that Chennai loves Hindi music?
    Definitely. Chennai has moved on from how it was few years ago. Today people love good music and in that language has no barrier. Thanks to the growth in the IT and automobile industry in the city, we have a lot of people from across India moving here and their love for Bollywood music is answered through Fever 91.9 FM

    How has Fever stood out with regards to content?
    Music certainly is the differentiator for Fever 91.9 FM. But ita��s not just that. We, at Fever 91.9 FM also look at providing quality content. We try to give a healthy mix of local and national content through our RJ talk and thata��s something which has also cut ice with the audience in the city

    Is the Chennai market a challenge?
    Any market for a new entrant is always a challenge, but our innovative programming backed with quality RJs is always up for the challenge. In fact, the city is responding quite positively to the product and thata��s very heartening.

    What can we look forward to from Fever ?
    As a brand, we go heavily into planning and our plans up till March 2017 is ready. We recently completed the Fever Formula 919, from which two people are on their way to watch the Singapore Grand Prix. This month will see the launch of Fever Fitness League, where we will do a hunt for the fittest team in the city. Do watch out for our activities in October and November, I am sure no one in Chennai would have seen something like it.
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