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    Eva Longoria sure identifies with her character Ana Sofia on Telenovela

    Eva Longoria is enjoying her return to the small screen with Telenovela a�� a sitcom that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a soap opera. She was last seen as the sexy, and scheming Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives in 2012. a�?With this show, you become happy; you escape; you identify; you laugh. And thata��s what I knew I wanted to do when I come back to television a�� do this kind of comedy,a�? says Longoria about the show that is heading towards its finale.
    On the show, she plays Ana Sofia, the star of the Miami-based Spanish opera, who cana��t speak Spanish! And Longoria identifies well with Sofaa��s eccentricity. a�?My character is self-involved in an insecure way, but she doesna��t mean to be. She doesna��t speak Spanish. So shea��s always one foot in, one foot out of this (Spanish) culture. That is really my life story. Growing up as a Mexican-American, I didna��t grow up speaking Spanish, and so I was kind of shunned from my community. And then in the American community, theya��re like, a�?Oh, youa��re the Mexican, you knowa��. So I really never fit anywhere. And thata��s exactly how Ana Sofia feels. Shea��s in this big world, and a Latin star, but yet is insecure about a�?Am I Latin enough?a�� So viewers will learn to love her because of everything she has to face,a�? says Longoria, who was born in Texas.
    But Telenovela should not be seen as a a�?Latino comedya�?, the 40-year-old points out, explaining, a�?This is a comedy that has universal themes of family, friendship, and love. I think many different groups are going to be entertained, and identify with one of these characters. We are a workplace comedy. So youa��re going to identify with Ana Sofia if youa��re vulnerable or insecure. Youa��re going to identify with Mimi Moncada, whoa��s her best friend. She is like the moral compass of the group, and she is the root that grounds us.a�?
    Sunday, 10 pm on Comedy Central
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