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    Eva Longoria sure identifies with her character Ana Sofia on Telenovela

    Eva Longoria is enjoying her return to the small screen with Telenovela — a sitcom that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a soap opera. She was last seen as the sexy, and scheming Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives in 2012. “With this show, you become happy; you escape; you identify; you laugh. And that’s what I knew I wanted to do when I come back to television – do this kind of comedy,” says Longoria about the show that is heading towards its finale.
    On the show, she plays Ana Sofia, the star of the Miami-based Spanish opera, who can’t speak Spanish! And Longoria identifies well with Sofa’s eccentricity. “My character is self-involved in an insecure way, but she doesn’t mean to be. She doesn’t speak Spanish. So she’s always one foot in, one foot out of this (Spanish) culture. That is really my life story. Growing up as a Mexican-American, I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, and so I was kind of shunned from my community. And then in the American community, they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re the Mexican, you know’. So I really never fit anywhere. And that’s exactly how Ana Sofia feels. She’s in this big world, and a Latin star, but yet is insecure about ‘Am I Latin enough?’ So viewers will learn to love her because of everything she has to face,” says Longoria, who was born in Texas.
    But Telenovela should not be seen as a “Latino comedy”, the 40-year-old points out, explaining, “This is a comedy that has universal themes of family, friendship, and love. I think many different groups are going to be entertained, and identify with one of these characters. We are a workplace comedy. So you’re going to identify with Ana Sofia if you’re vulnerable or insecure. You’re going to identify with Mimi Moncada, who’s her best friend. She is like the moral compass of the group, and she is the root that grounds us.”
    Sunday, 10 pm on Comedy Central
    — Team Indulge


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