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This is the day A�to tickle our funny bones. Get started with three videos

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If you have had enough ofA�Adelea��s hit song Hello, herea��s something better to munch on, quite literally. Hella Cravings by Dustin and Genevieve will have you hungry, laughing, and happy! The two go on to make a spoof of the song with lyrics such as a�?Hello, ita��s me. Ia��ve avoided you forever, while consuming calories.a�? And the best part is that the two can sing, and how. The video went viral in December 2015, and has already had more than 5 million views.
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Mumbai-based standup comedian Daniel Fernandes is a man worth stalking, virtually at least. His latest video, which was uploaded early March, is on feminism, along with the suffering that men have to deal with in todaya��s world. As he introduces the show, he talks about how his mother calls him and says she’s really proud of him not using the a�?Fa�� word on the show, to which Fernandes replies, a�?Mum, I would never use the word a�?feminisma�� on stage.a�? Yeah, hea��s subtle, and hilarious, and the one guy you can happily overdose on this weekend.
Game on
Whether India makes it to the finals or not is irrelevant, but the Mauka Mauka video that went online before the India Australia match last weekend is one that every one should take a look at. The video by V Seven Pictures has already garnered more than a million views, and has two guys representing Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who go to a travel agency to buy a ticket back home. But there lies a twist, which you have to watch to find out.
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