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Four comics to crack up the city with their take on technology and gadgets

Four young stand up comedians have decided to make gadgets and technology their butt of jokes at The Monsoon Comedy Show. The Hyderabadass comedy club has roped in Rajasekhar Mamidana, Hriday Ranjan, Avinash Agarwal and Toby Thomas for an entertaining evening at Lamakaan.
Stand up comedy has been on an upward spiral since the last two years in Hyderabad. The city has witnessed many prominent comedians coming and performing in the city. Kalyan Biswa Rath, Papa CJ, Abish Mathew etc. Setting the mood for the night would be Rajasekhar Mammidana. A techie and a business graduate, he loves to take a dig at human follies. He began his journey as a comic in 2012 and since then has never let the audience down.
Next in line is Hriday Ranjan, the Odiya boy who began his journey in 2013 by winning the Punchline Contest 2013 and since then has been entertaining his audiences in and around the city. a�?I will be talking about how technology impacts our lives in the small ways – our language, mannerisms, equations with family, etc. I would also be exploring the theme that technology not only impacts the big aspects – economies and markets – but also the small bits – family and relations,a�? says the 28-year-old comic, who aspires to become a writer someday.
The audience would then witness a performance by Toby Thomas and Avinash Agarwal. A newbie into the industry, Toby joined the league of stand up comedians last September. Drawing inspiration from Louis CK, Bill Burr and Ricky Gervais, this Keralite wou ld be performing at his first theme based show. a�?I would be speaking about technology, how it started, how it has become a crucial part of our life. and how bizarre all of this has become. Our bare necessities have changed, hopefully we can have a good laugh about it,a�? says Kevin Hart fan.
Avinash Agarwal needs no introduction in Hyderabad. He is one comic who has always inspired people to get on the stage and grab the mic, literally. Jokes apart, this 27-year-old would be speaking about the current generation of kids who according to him are a�?born and delivered on iPads.a�� a�?I feel out of place when I see this current generation kids who learn to send tweets to ISIS by the age of three. I would be comparing the old school technology where a watch was made to let us know only the time and not the date and if we wanted to check the date we had to buy a newspaper,a�? says Avinash.
The show is at Lamakaan, Road No 1, Banjara Hills at July 7 from 8 pm onwards. Price per ticket: `100 Details: facebook.com/hyderabadasscomedy a��Nishad Neelambaran


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