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    Starbucks introduces stand up comics with your Frappuccino.

    HEAD to StarbucksA� for your caffeine fix and some comic relief on the house. The American coffee house has re-launched the third edition of their Meet Me at Starbucks on Awesome Thursdays a�� featuring stand up comics like Evama��s Karthik Kumar among others, in select stores, with a coffee tasting session thrown into the mix.
    The great divide
    With a cosy, informal setting and a smaller audience compared to stage shows, it will be no-holds-barred for the comics slated to perform on select Thursdays until August. Not that the comics a�� from Mumbaia��s East India Comedy [EIC] a�� have a reputation for restraint. Brace yourself for some good old North India vs South India slugfest, besides a lot of interactive humour. Sahil Shah of the EIC, who will perform on August 18 at Bergamo Mall,A� says he hopes to trip on things he has observed or experienced. a�?Like being insulted by a beggar. Or about the time a girl met me ahead of a show in Gurgaon and said she was super-excited to see me perform. And then asked me what my name was,a�? says the 25-year-old. a�?And finally, if your joke doesna��t work in South India, you just have to say a�?Delhi sucksa�� and you will then get a standing ovation,a�? he claims. EICa��s Kunal Rao, who has his do on August 25 at TBR Tower, Anna Nagar, reiterates the above, a�?When in Rome, do what Romans do. When in Chennai, make fun of North Indians.a�?. a�?As a South Indian raised in Bombay, my background also provides material for the show there,a�? the 36-year-old says. The Chartered Accountant, who took to the mike full time five years ago, says, a�?Not having a stage means you can speak faster than usual and keep it more conversational.a�?
    Made to order
    For Atul Khatri, 48-year-old EIC comic, the audience will determine content. There could be a younger audience here, say teenagers, who probably find ticketed shows unaffordable, he explains about his show at the Alwarpet outlet on July 7. Talking about marriage or parenting will bore them, he assumes. As for localising content, he really doesna��t see the need for it. a�?The youngsters are clued in with the stereotypes we talk about today. Everybody knows that Sindhis are cheap people, Punjabis alcoholicA�A�A� and Gujaratis a cheaper version of the Sindhis,a�? jests the comedian, known for his unapologetically clannish humour.

    Details: starbucksfunventures.in

    a�� Sharadha Narayanan


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