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    The first edition of The Royal Funny Festival promises to leave you in splits.

    Presenting 15 humorous short plays and two standup comedy shows, The Royal Funny Festival debutsA�tomorrow. Speaking about the concept, Amit Singha��founder of The Royal Flush Productions, which is bringing it all togethera��says, a�?This will be an annual feature. Being the first edition, we are bringing together a lot of artistes from across the city.a�? Spread over two days, with over 30 actors, 11 directors and seven standup comics, Singh says the event is a�?a celebration of comedy theatre in Chennaia�?. Seven short plays will be performedA�tomorrow, followed by eight on Sunday. The line-up includesA�a few performed previously at The Short + Sweet Theatre festival, like The Ordinary City (which won the runners up prize for best production). The playa��s director, Janardhanan Raghavan, is showcasing two others (A? Matter ?O?f ?D?eathA� and 108 or 1008) at the festival and says that a�?the standard will be very high because, in 10 minutes,A�you have to entertain the audience.a�?A�Singh will also be directing a couple of plays in addition to a special appearance at the standup show.
    The comedy actsa��being organised in collaboration with Evam Standup Tamashaa��will have Alex and Baggy with The Yogi and The Bear, and Stand up-On-SundayA�(SOS), a performance by four city-based comics. Talking about the event, 30-year-old comedian Vikash Paul, who is part of the SOS line-up, says that festivals like these are huge as a�?it speaks volumes about the rising comic scene in the citya�?. The independent comic acts are going to touch upon topics like a�?politics, life and office experiences, and current affairs,a�? says Paul.
    At Alliance FranA�aise.A�4 pmA�onwards.
    Entry pass Rs 300 onward.

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