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Inspired by stand-up legend Bill Hicks, AIB writer Karunesh Talwar hopes to give a rib tickling performance

A stand-up comedian’s jokes are as good as his last punchline. Luckily, Karunesh Talwar one of the budding stand-up comedians, the punchline is always in its place and delivers what is expected of it.
Born in Ghaziabad and brought up in Mumbai, this 24-year-old strong orator is noted for his work with Vir Dasa�� Weirdass Comedy and All India Bakchod (AIB).
His journey as a comedian began in 2011 where he performed for the first time at an Open Mic event. a�?Ia�?ve been a fan of stand up comedy since I was a child. A lot of my biggest heroes have been comedians, and when I was in college, my friends suggested that I give stand -up a shot considering I was obsessed with watching every show online and offline,a�? says the young comic.
He has a style that is majorly influenced by stand-up legend, Bill Hicks. It was not surprising when Karunesh confessed about his inspiration for performing on the stage. a�?He is my favourite comedian because he did stand-up differently and with more empathy and emotion than any comic I’ve seen before or after his time,a�? says the die-hard fan.
He also closely follows comedians like Mitch Hedberg, Doug Stanhope, Stewart Lee, Brian Regan and Paula Poundstone.
Karunesh was has been associated with AIB for a long time and writes for their online portal and was recently seen performing in On Air with AIB.
Speaking about his journey with the Mumbai-based comedy group, he says, a�?It was pretty gruelling. Because when there’s so much work you have to pretty much be on it all the time. It taught me how to constantly keep trying to make your product funnier, that nothing is ever done being written and something can always be added to it. Besides, any place where you write a lot of jokes is good for you, because it makes you better at writing jokes.” He is excited about his trip to the city as loves biriyani and the audience. a�?The stand-up circuit in Hyderabad is relatively new, and the comics are doing a fantastic job of writing constantly and finding new venues to keep performing in. Comedians only get better by getting on stage, so I think the more shows the Hyderabad comics are able to create, the quicker their growth will be.a�?
Expecting a a�?small and nice audiencea�� for his show titled Paka Mat Na Mote Karunesh will be in the city on April 2 at Mocha Cafe in Banjara Hills. Price: Rs 499 per person. Details: bookmyshow.com

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