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    Jennifer Lawrence on her new film Passengers and playing the ambitious Aurora Lane

    While 26-year old Jennifer Lawrence hasnai??i??t managed to land that fairytale kiss on New Yearai???s Eve, if her rant to Seth Meyers on his show is something to go by, the actorai??i??s easy chemistry with Chris Pratt has been the talk of the town when on a promotional spree for their film, Passengers. After a strenuous shoot schedule which involved nearly drowning the Hunger Games actor to get the zero gravity sequences right, she is finally taking a well-deserved break with rumoured beau, filmmaker and environmentalist Darren Aronofsky in New York City. With the movie releasing today, she talks about its concept and getting into the shoes of her character.

    What about the idea of this trip intrigued you?
    I found the characters in this story intriguing because itai??i??s such a huge decision to make a 120-year journey that when you arrive back home, everyone you know is going to be dead. So you have to start a brand new life on a brand new planet that youai??i??ve never been to. Of course, there are going to be interesting characters, and people risking a new life, who would be involved in a decision like that.
    What is your character Aurora like?
    Aurora is planning on being the first person to ever travel to the new colony world, and take a 120-year journey and then 120 years back ai??i?? and she wants to be the first person to make that journey, so that she can write about life in the colonies and returning back to earth.

    What do you think made Aurora take the decision to set off?
    I think Auroraai??i??s very smart, driven and curious. Sheai??i??s also the daughter of a very famous author, which I think always keeps her wanting more and wanting to have her own name. So, I think all of these combined with an adventurous spirit sent her off.

    Would you ever be able to go on a trip like this?
    No, I canai??i??t imagine saying goodbye to everybody that I know and love. I mean, I do that, I feel, when I film a movie. So I guess in that sense I could understand Auroraai??i??s drive, her thirst for more. But, making that kind of permanent decision, I donai??i??t think I would be able to do that. It would depend on how bad things are on earth.

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