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    English actress Amara Karan talks about playing an attorney in The Night Of and the Asian connect

    HAving shot to fame playing the Indian Railways stewardess Rita in The Darjeeling Limited, English actress Amara Karan, of Sri Lankan origin, recently returned to Indian screens. She plays an Indian-origin lawyer in the crime series The Night Of. Karan spoke to us about the new show.

    Tell us about your role?
    I play Chandra Kapoor, a junior lawyer in a big firm, who assists a big-shot attorney Alison, played by Glenne Headly. Chandra is chosen because she might help win clients of Asian origin.

    Does she feel bad that she was picked due to her race?
    No. I think shea��s got a break and she doesna��t care. Plus, the case of Naz, a Pakistani student in the US, who is alleged to have killed his date, is a high profile one in New York. Ita��s all over the news, and therea��s a race issue as well, so ita��s got all the sexy components that a young, ambitious defense attorney would want.

    Chandra speaks Hindi. Do you?
    I dona��t. Actress Poorna Jagannathan (Delhi Belly fame) playing Naza��s mother, trained me to speak the linesa��she taught me phonetically how to say what I say. I was struggling, training and learning and writer, Steven, had to re-write the line for me.

    Tell us about Riz Ahmed, who plays Naz.
    I had actually known Riz from university, because we were in Oxford at the same time. It was utterly bizarre that we should turn up on the same show in New York together.

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