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    Last season, Suits ended on a dramatic note and saw Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, as the sudden enemy of his smart protA�gA� Mike Ross and his much-loved and witty secretary Donna move on to greener pastures. So this season makes things more complex, especially when Harvey doesna��t know where he stands with either of his earlier confidants. Now, the a�?sort-of main guya��, Macht tell us more about the firm, similarities with his character and another shocking finale.

    31OTBLead1How is Harvey different this time?
    A large part of this season deals with his psychological state. Hea��s in therapy, dealing with abandonment issues triggered by Donna leaving. We think ita��s all about Donna, but wea��re slowly going to see some other aspects of his life where things went astray; wea��re used to seeing him operating in a very angry, aggressive way, but then he starts having panic attacks. So wea��re going to see Harvey deal with this turmoil and try to engage in emotional growth.

    Will we see the protege take over?
    The two of them really benefit from each other in many ways. Harvey is the quick-witted guy who can close the deal, but very often, ita��s usually Mike whose a�?light bulba�� moment allows Harvey to close the deal. But whether he will be one-up on Harvey…who knows!

    More on the finale.
    Wea��re in episode 509 now, so we have one more until the first climactic point in the season. There are some big things about to come. I havena��t read the script but there is a bit of a game changer.

    Will we see you directing again?
    Last seasona��s directorial experience was great. Ia��d love to direct some more episodic TV to get my feet wet, but Ia��d also like to direct film, and theatre too. When I was directing, I found a nice repartee with actors and every technician on set. It was great to be that creative a�� way more creative than just being an actor. I found it to be an entirely fulfilling experience.

    How long do you foresee yourself playing Harvery?
    Twenty-eight years! I have no idea a�� wea��re signed on for at least another season as we just received a pick-up for season six a few weeks ago. Ia��m just grateful for my character and being part of a show that resonates with audiences worldwide.

    Any similarities with Harvey?
    As years go on, you find yourself sharing more traits with the character. There are times where I have been uber confident, but feeling largely insecure underneath. And sometimes in business matters, the Harvey in me comes out. But for the most part, wea��re very different. Wea�?re similar in that we both have big hearts though we just dona��t operate in the same way.
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