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    Why Pratima Pandeya��s eco-friendly Jack N Jill collection is perfect for our brutal summer

    imagePRATIMA PANDEY, whose summer line will be showcased at Collage today, enjoys looking inwards. She agrees that each collection is a reflection of who she is at that point. a�?a�?At the moment, I am telling the story of Jack N Jill, about a woman who dresses for her man,a��a�� she begins, as she describes how you will find her favourite fabric, cotton, together with chanderi and embroidery.A� a�?a�?It is about someone looking for Jack or waiting for Jack or living with Jack,a��a�� explains the young designer, who did her masters at NIFT in 2008 and has since completed 10 seasons at Wills India Fashion Week. Pandeya��s label, Prama (a�?a�?taken from my name, meaning beauty with intelligence in Sanskrita��a��), is all about a�?a�?selling an entire look.a��a�� No stranger to Chennai, Pandey likes that the market is more receptive to her experiments, and that we appreciate her summer-friendly garments. She only wishes she had more to send us. This time, we are invited to take home her cotton anarkalis a�� a cotton slip with an anti-fit top layer in chanderi, with embroidery. a�?a�?I have used a lot of Parsi embroidery, chikankari, zardozi and ari. And I believe that cotton has to be closest to the body,a��a��she explains. The ensemble includes palazzos, and are almost all in ivory or indigo. Typically day wear, they can be dressed up for the night. a�?a�?It is very flattering, for a confident woman,a��a�� says the designer who started out with the organic brand in Auroville, Upasana, and tries to retain its ethos as much as possible.

    At Collage, Nung-ambakkam. Pricing from Rs. 15,000. Details: 28291443

    a�� Rosella Stephen


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