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    American speaker Sean Smith shares tips and tricks to live life with passion

    Sean Smith from Los Angeles, California, learned the hard way that few people are given a second chance, and life is too short to settle for mediocrity.‘‘I should have been dead when a car hit me at 50 mph when I was 13 years old. But surviving that incident made me understand, at a really young age, that we only have one shot and we must not take life for granted,’’ begins Smith, a premier breakthrough coach and motivational speaker who is set to inspire Chennai this coming Thursday with a session called Just Jump, powered by Success Gyan.

    And although he set off trying to motivate through speeches, Smith really became a life coach when he was in turn helped by one.‘‘At an event, I began to cry and was very conflicted about my fears and goals. But a life coach took me outside and helped me through,” Smith shares, adding that he then realised that people needed more than words to help them. Then on, after studying for a criminal justice degree and gaining a master practitioner certificate, he worked as a school teacher and as a probation officer in the Juvenile Probation department, thanks to his affinity for children.‘‘I have always been fascinated by kids and I’d like to help better their lives by changing their perception. Even getting them to refrain from drugs and alcohol’’ Smith tells us.

    At an event, I began to cry and was very conflicted about my fears and goals. But a life coach took me outside and helped me through

    Purpose and priority
    While he does believe that there is perhaps a higher purpose and power, he emphasises that there are some decisions that people need to take themselves to improve their own quality of life.‘‘We are programmed by the media to think that happiness comes from money and materialistic things. But there is never internal joy in that. Happiness is a deeper level of contentment that comes from things like a relationship,’’ he explains, elaborating that some people go through a life without understanding the difference between success and fulfillment. Through friends and media, Smith’s view of India is that it is a ‘hungry country’ where people are on a quest to explore and learn.‘‘The culture here is such that the people seem to always better themselves and aim higher. Which is why, I am expecting to have a lot of fun during my visit. And although I don’t expect anything, I hope to help in any way I can’’ he says, aiming to leave the audience of his seminar with a level of understanding about how they can overcome their fears and self-defeatist attitudes.‘‘Hopefully, I will be able to help people realise that the power to have a better life lies within oneself. I aspire to share the belief that life must be lived fear free and with inner peace’’ Smith signs off.

    On February 27, at Sir Mutha Venkatasubbarao Hall, Harrington Road, Chetpet. Tickets, from Rs 2,000 onwards, available on eventjini.com

     – Aakanksha Devi


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