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    With a lecture on global warming, some star-gazing and a chance to learn from artist Laxma Goud, ita��s time to sharpen your skills

    Happiness in a bun
    IfA� you crave a midnight snack, Burger Point, which recently opened its second outlet in Perungudi, is the place to go. Opened by Thyagarajan, a ecr 6#Chennai-based chef, it offers a scrumptious variety of burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. They even encourage you to make your own burgers on special occasions. Meal for two costs `200. Open from 12 pm to 4 am,A� and till 12 am on Sundays.
    Details: 9789969695

    Kick it
    Football lovers have their own space now. Rohit Ravindran, a Chennai-based football fan, has started Kick Off, a football arena for school and college students. This summer, they are conducting a tournament where each team can have only seven members. Registration fee is `2,500. Winners will be awarded a cash prize ofA� `7,500. Near Uthandi Bus Stand, Kanathur. Details: 9962027377
    The green mile
    Learn about environmental hazards by participating in the Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup 2015 Plastic Awareness Video Contest. Shoot videos of plastic and its effects on the environment and mail them to the organisers. Winners will receive exciting prizes. Last date for submitting your videos is May 30. Details: facebook.com/PondicherryCoastalCleanup
    Couting stars
    This one is for star gazers. Pondicherrya��s first Science Centre and Planetarium was launched on May 3. It boasts two halls with more than 100 exhibits and one digital planetarium dome. It also has an outdoor science park, which promises to make physics fun. Entry fee is `5 for children and `10 for adults. Open from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Details: 0413 225722
    Ceramic play
    Are you a fan of vetran sculptor, Laxma Goud? Then stop by ceramist and architect, Adil Writersa�� s studio at Auroville to check out Gouda��s work.A� Best-known for his early drawings depicting eroticism in a rural context, the Hyderabad-based artiste has worked on a few ceramic art pieces. Organised by Saralaa��s Art Centre, the pieces will be on exhibition soon. Details:A� 24338691

    Global issue
    With global warming becoming hard to ignore, Alliance FranA�aise de PondichA�rry is conducting a talk on climate change. The lecture also covers topics on healthy and chemical-free growth of plants, solutions for a cleaner and greener planet and what people can do to achieve it. On May 22 from 3 pm to 5 pm. Details: 0413 2338146

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