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    Mixing work and play, Glow Worm Cluba��s Song of Hiawatha invites young participants

    DSC_0183_044After opting to adapt a childrena��s fairy tale for their first kidsa�� production last year, Glow Worm Club, the childrensa�� library and activity centre, is now looking to a rather unlikely source for material for their next productiona��an old American poet.
    Along with Eloquens, a storytelling company, and Integrated Fitness, it will adapt H W Longfellowa��s Song of Hiawatha, the story of a Red Indian boy prophesied to be his tribea��s messiah. a�?Hiawatha is born with a different purpose. He communes with nature and fights diseases. His fate is undecided when the white man comes to his shores,a�? says Sandhya Ruben of Eloquens, who is co-directing the play along with Andrea Jacob from Integrated Fitness.

    Behind the curtains
    But thata��s just the action on stage. This time, the triad is also planning to take the kids backstage to get some hands-on experience of theatrea��from lights, sounds and stage management to make-up and costumes. a�?They need to know that theatre is not just about going on stage and acting; therea��s a lot more to it. So they will have a say in every aspect of the production,a�? says Jacob. And since the play has nature as its underlying theme, they are also planning to take them to The Farm, on OMR, for a day of farming and other environmentally-friendly practices. a�?As the entire play is about nature, we thought it would be a good opportunity for the kids to learn to respect it,a�? says Ruben.
    For the musically inclined, there will be mentoring sessions by folks from the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, who will be composing the background score for the play. And a visit to an editing studio will round things off for the kids.
    Auditions for Song of Hiawatha will be on till August 23. Children between the ages of four and 16 can participate. Details: 9940033305

    Janane Venkatraman


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