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    Two workshops in the city aim to initiate the little ones to MF Husain and Roald Dahl.

    While gyms and activity centres focused on improving a childa��s overall development are becoming common, workshops to nudge the little ones towards the arts have also caught on. Bringing to the fore the work of two stalwarts in their creative fields is Forum Art Gallerya��s art appreciation session on MF Husain and British Council, who is celebrating Roald Dahl this month with a host of workshops on the beloved childrena��s author.

    Strokes like Husain
    From Picassoa��s cubism to Razaa��s bindu, Forum Art Gallery has been introducing children (above the age of five) to the works of celebrated artists for a couple of yearsA�now. The session tomorrow includes a power point presentation on MF Husain and aA�discussion, followed by the children attempting to paint and interpret his style in their own works. Prabha Ram, who conducts these workshops, finds that they get a lot of repeat participants and feels that such sessions are important in the absence of good art programmes at school. a�?The idea is to bring art to children in a way thata��s meaningfulA�and to make it work at a child-friendly level,a�? she says.
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    Dahla��s words
    With September also marking author Roald Dahla��s 100th birth anniversary, British Council is organising a host of activities to keep the little ones engaged. With a creativity and writing workshop coming up next week, children will be introduced to the writing style of Dahl and encouraged to write on their own. The main idea is to a�?develop the creative thinking of the children and through the process introduce new words, making them think of new ways of putting their thoughts across,a�? says Aparna Bhattacharya who leads the library services at British Council.
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