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    Shankar Mahadevan on BIG Golden Voice and how radio is a better avenue for music talent shows

    S HANKAR MAHA-DEVAN is back yet again as judge and mentor forA�BIG Golden Voice Season 3, which is invitingA�IndianA�participants from all over the world this time round. Admitting that radioA�is a great medium to invite aspiring singers for a world-wide singing competition, he says, a�?There are no inhibitions over radio as ita��s a friendlier avenue. The contestants are judged based on their singing without the burden of reality dramaA�and they perform better.a�? He recalls how nobody knew till the very end that the winner of the previous season, SayaniA�Palit,A�was blind. a�?a�?She went on to sing inA�myA�film Katti BattiA�and this time round the winner may get a chance to either work on an album or share the stage with him on a live show,a��a�� he adds. Mahadevan allows that it has become increasingly easier for aspiring musicians to get a break in the industry with reality shows and talent hunts giving them a platform. a�?Even those who dona��t ultimately win the title, still get recognition as they are watched by audiences and musicians from all over the world. That is a big deal in itself,a�? he concludes. Benedryl BIG Golden Voice Season 3 International city levelA�competitionA�begins today.
    Details: 927bigfm.com

    Niranjana Hariharanandanan


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