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    Greenopiaa��s got a solution to save your desktop plants

    Who will look after my plants? If this is stopping you from taking a short vacation, you can look up Greenopia.co. The Richmond Road-located startup makes a�?smarta�� home gardening tools and kits. Its new product, called a�?Grow Lovea��, will take care of your green friend for five days (or more) even if you are not around to water them.
    Grow Love is a self-watering plant-pot for desktops, which mimics the naturea��s capillary action of water absorption and circulation. It comprises a highly specialised hand-crafted ceramic pot with two compartments, the base can store 200 ml of water, and the upper half hosts the plant in its special growing medium. The layer separating the two is filled with a�?wicksa�� (holes) which helps the plant to draw water from the base as and when it needs it.
    Unlike Greenopiaa��s first product a�?Herb Gardensa�� (a self-watering system for kitchen plants such as basil, thyme, parsley and coriander), Grow Love is meant for growing ornamentals plants such as anthurium, and baby rubber in your office, or extending it as a gift. If you are in Bengaluru, the team will deliver the pot as well as the plant, with growing medium. But if you live elsewhere, you will have to source the plants, with help from the team.
    The team, comprising Mani HK, Mayukhini Pande and Shoubhik Bose, was recently declared winner of the Target Accelerator programme challenge in Bengaluru for its innovations.
    a�?We unconsciously end up killing our plants. I did it too. Maybe because we are away on a vacation, or just lazy, so Grow Lovea��s capillary action will take care of the plants as nature does it,a�?explains Mani.
    Rs 1,750. Details: greenopia.co
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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