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    Madras Crocodile Bank Trust’s camp shows you how to maintain a zoo and take care of animals.

    FANCY going beyond dogs and cats and having reptiles as pets instead? Here’s a chance to learn more about taking care of them in an upcoming zookeeping camp by Madras Crocodile Bank Trust (MCBT). To be held tomorrow and on Sunday, it is open to ages 16 and above, and will be supervised by their zoo educators, Anjana Srimathi and Arul Venkateshwaran, who will take the participants through various zookeeping activities like husbandry, gardening, night herping and others. “The participants will also learn more about snake taxonomy, and will also take part in a snake walk,” says Srimathi, underlining their emphasis on imparting reptilian knowledge.
    “We have been conducting different kinds of camps and programmes for the past forty years,” says Zai Whitaker, adding that the zookeeper camp is different because it’s not just about learning about the reptiles, but also caring for them. “Primary activities include preparing cages, cleaning terrariums and tanks, and so on,” she adds. Also on the panel of experts for the event are curator Nikhil Whitaker (son of herpetologist and founder of Madras Snake Bank, Romulus Whitaker), along with Ajay Karthik, assistant curator, who will share tips on that daily husbandry work that goes on in a zoo. However its not just all work and no play at the event. Besides zookeeping, there is also a beach visit to look forward to.
    On July 9-10. Details: madrascrocodilebank.org

    — Karan Pillai


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