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    Lopressor over the counter HumaraMovieai??i??s latest Hindi feature has seven shorts put together by seven new filmmakers, mentored by experts

    homi-adajania1Combining seven short stories, Shor Se Shuruaat, presented by HumaraMovie, is on top of our watchlist. Directed by seven up-and-coming filmmakers like Rahul V Chittella, Supriya Sharma and Annie Zaidi among others ai??i?? theyai??i??ve been mentored by seven of the best from the industry ai??i?? Mira Nair, Shyam Benegal, Imtiaz Ali, Zoya Akhtar, Nagesh Kukunoor, Sriram Raghavan and Homi Adajania. While the films tell the stories differently, they all revolve around a common theme ai??i?? noise. We spoke to four mentors to find out more.

    Homi Adajania, mentor
    to Arunima Sharma (Short: Yellow Tin Ai??Can Telephone) Her short is on the quirky relationship shared between a girl who is over-sensitive to sound, and a boy who is hypersensitive to colour. This bizarre predicament pushes them to figure innovative ways to converse with and get to know each other. Meanwhile, I feel, that film content of various lengths have a big future on the internet. I believe, theatrical releases will become more about films that are visual spectacles and content that lends itself to the theatrical experience.

    Imtiaz Ali, mentor to Satish Raj Kasireddi (Short: MIA Iai??i??M)imtiaz2
    Noise, which is chaos, disturbance which is movement, is a very dramatic ingredient for any film, and all these stories are inspired from noise. Satishai??i??s film tells the story of a particular girl who is a victim of social media, and how this crisis actually promotes a certain artistic liberation in her. I have known Satish to be a very unpredictable creative mind. His film is completely made by him.
    I have just been an instrument, a bounce board, whenever required.


    Zoya Akhtar, mentor to Amira Bhargava
    (Short: Aamer)Amira uses a deaf boy for her film on noise, and it is beautifully done. He canai??i??t wait to hear, and when he does get his hearing aid, itai??i??s nighttime. So he stays up the whole night. In the morning, he gets shocked by how much sound there is. This is how he becomes aware of noise.

    Shyam Beneghello-o-hello-pratik-rajen-kotharial, mentor to Pratik Rajen Kothari (Short: Hell O Hello)shyam

    Hell O Hello is a satire about the noise of consumerism. Competing organisations create all the possible noise to lure a consumer. But in the midst of this, what happens to the voice of an innocent consumer, is the essence of this short satire. Pratik Rajen Kothari has a good sense of mise-en-scene or setting up a scene. This is by far the most important thing to learn when you train to become a director.


    ai??i?? Saloni Sinha


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