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Usha International gets into the business of illumination, with handmade glass pendants, chandeliers and smart solutions

Inspired by the concepts of tvisa (light) and tattva (essence) in Sanskrit, Usha Internationala��a brand with over 100 years of expertise producing textiles, automotive components, fans, home appliances and morea��has ventured into lighting. The launch of its first store in the city, Tisva, on Mount Road, marks the seventh in the country. With the focus on design and utility, they believe lighting sets the mood of your home. a�?With Tisva, we want to enable consumers to use lighting not only to complement the colours of their home, but also to create an environment that is synonymous with their mood. Each product meets the branda��s high quality standards, is energy efficientA�and environment friendly,a�? says Rajesh Kochhar, president Tisva.

Crystal and chrome
With a range of lighting for every rooma��from chandeliers and wall lights for the living room to a playful and utilitarian collection for the kidsa��they also have LED and CFL lights that are greener, brighter, with lesser energy consumption and minimum mercury content. Tisva offers chandeliers with up to four heads, wall lights in antique and chrome finishes, picture lights or LED spots with no heat or UV/IR emissions (and only 9 watt consumption), and LED wall lights that create interesting patterns. For kids, there are pretty butterflies, planes, princesses and pirates and gloworms. Their handmade blown-glass pendants caught our fancy, while their wall-mounted designs promise to set the mood with the dimming control and the warm yellow light.

Innovative options
Check out their experience room, which will help you plan your living room lighting. AA� turntable installed in the ceiling, along with LED strips, comes with a remote control that allows you to control the light: dim or bright, strobe effect for a party or even change the colours. The highlights are the smooth transition and a remote built with RF-based technology (you dona��t have to point anc click). This new concept comes at a price of `35,000-`40,000. Besides suggestions for furniture, flooring, colour trends and lighting solutions from their team of lighting experts, they are also designing a software for a 3D simulation of your rooms.

Priced from Rs. 1,800 for a wall lights to Rs. 40,000 for the turntable light. Details:A�lifebytisva.com


a��Preethi Ann Thomas


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