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    PhotoConcierge lets you make money from your obsession with photography

    Cana��t stop taking photos and putting it up on Instagram or Facebook? Niether can we, which is why you need to check out the Bengaluru-based startup PhotoConcierge. The all-new platform not only helps photo enthusiasts monetise their work, but also gives brands access to custom videos, vectors, and images on demand.
    This free to sign up platform enables photographers, illustrators and videographers to upload visual content, connect with buyers as well as sell their work.

    The two-week old setup already has a library of 1,00,000 media across categories, with about 240 contributors. Providing a repository of artwork from a cross-section of categories, the platform offers customers royalty-free on-demand visual content. a�?The big differentiator between us and other photo agencies is the request feature that allows individuals and brands to place custom media requests based on their budget and deadlines. The buyer can also upload a reference image. Contributors from around the world then tailor-make content suited to those requirements. Once photographers upload the images, we have a a�?likea�� feature that the buyer can click on to show interest. But there is never any obligation to buy the image,a�? explains founder Shefali Dadabhoy.
    During their beta stage, HigginBothama��s (the publishing house and book store) in Bengaluru commissioned photographers to create an innovative repository for their 2016 calendar. a�?They needed pictures that would portray the essence of books/novel and take pictures of books in the most unique way possible. We got about 60 entries from across India and HigginBothama��s chose 20 of those images,a�? she adds.
    Birth of an idea

    As a photo enthusiast herself, Dadabhoy felt the need to take her skill to another level. At the same time, she met with web developers and app developers who were looking for original content but had fewer options. a�?I realised there was a market, and the international agencies have a very western look and feel to their repository. We wanted to bridge that gap,a�? she says.
    The platform has over 50 categories including lifestyle, abstract, wildlife, food, health, editorial, beaches, building architecture, decor, community, festivals, hobbies and leisure, nature, and festivals where people can either upload to a category or search for something specific.
    How it works

    The portal is relatively user-friendly and allows contributors to fix the price of their work giving them the best value for their content. They offer contributors 75 per cent of the revenue and as of now, the average cost of assets will range from Rs 100 – Rs 13,000 (approx).
    Details: photoconcierge.com
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