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Get your fill of psychedelic music thisA� Saturday

Maxi Valvona aka Ad Brown, is one of the leading musicians and producers in the British EDM scene at the moment a�� identifiable by his David Beckhama��esque beard. Apart from that, Brown, known for his collaborations with vocalists, says a�?it gives a song its identitya��. We catch up with the spinmeister before his gig at Eclipse.

On facial hair
I do love my beard. I once even said in an interview that I cana��t imagine DJs without it. Luckily, my girlfriend loves my beard, but if she didna��t then I would have to choose my girlfriend over my beard. But it would be a very close call!

AD Brown in three words
Positive, reliable, impatient.

Must see places in London
Go to the top of the shard for unrivalled views of the city. Visit the food stalls at Borough Market. Skip the Tube, walk around the city, make sure you cross over bridges like London Bridge and WaterlooA� Bridge. Plus, stroll through Hyde Park on to Buckingham Palace.

On viral videos
They are a lot of fun and are a great way to get some serious exposure without paying huge amounts of advertising. The latest one I have seen is really great. Ita��s basically a guy crazy dancing in a field and gradually more and more people come and join him. Eventually they have a full-blown rave!

Distinct sound
My music ranges from progressive house to progressive trance and I always try and make sure that my tracks have a theme, or a melody so they are memorable.

Favourite colour
I like navy blue. I seem to wear that colour quite a lot and it goes with everything. Ia��ve also started wearing glasses which are tortoise shell. I love those at the moment!

The worst pickup line
Hi. My friend likes you, so I just thought I would come over and find out if youa��re single and straight.

On rehearsals
I prefer to just go with the flow and see how it works! Having said that, I listen to a huge amount of material for the silk royal showcase, so I get a chance to pick out the best tracks and the ones I think will work well on the dance floor.
Rs. 500 upwards. 8pm.

At The Leela Galleria, Old Airport Road. Details: 9886331266

a��Avinash Kumai


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