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    If youa��ve not tried Anglo Indian staples like ox tail curry and beef roast, place your orders at Anglo Auntya��s Take Away

    Herea��s the funny thing about the trio behind Anglo Auntya��s Take Away a�� none of them are Anglo Indians. But fear not, for Mallika Angela, Mikhail Rupprecht and Naveen Kumar all have Anglo connections. Angela, a budding actress, grew up with an Anglo Indian nanny, while Rupprecht is married to an Anglo and Kumar, the man behind tattoo studio Irezumi, has been sampling the cuisine at his tattoo artist Rupprechta��s house for years.

    PICTURES OF "ANGLO AUNTY TAKE AWAY" FOR INDULGE. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABUTheir idea is simple. a�?Give Chennai a taste of Anglo Indian food,a�? smiles Angela, as Kumar andA� Rupprecht nod in agreement. The takeaway corner, located just outside the tattoo studio on College Road, offers three combos available every day at lunch or dinner time. But the combos will only introduce you to popular dishes like the trademark, coconut rice, fiery devilz chutney, soft cutlets and currys all spiced predominantly with pepper. To enjoy other staples like beef stew, liver fry, ox tail curry and tongue roast, place your orders a day in advance. And in case you were wondering, Anglo Auntya��s Take Away also does a selection of pork dishes that have been receiving repeat orders.

    In true Anglo Indian style, this group has prefixed names of family members to dishes (aunty Brendaa��s mutton patty anyone?), and also stuck to the recipes that would be used at homes. So dona��t expect aunty Baba��s chicken curry (a rendition of the Country Captain curry that features in books like A Grandmothera��s Legacy ) to leave you teary eyed. What you get is a tangy tomato-based curry, spiced delicately with chillies and featuring potatoes that Anglo Indians are quite fond of. We hope desserts like banana fritters and Anglo pancakes will be on offer soon. For now, wea��re ordering kul kuls and rose cookies for Christmas.
    Combos from `299 onwards. Details: 9840794605
    A�Ryan Peppin


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