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    Be it satchels or travel wallets, Chennai brand Khiora goes by the international rule book

    A BRAND of premium leather accessories, Khiora, launched in Bangalore recently and founder-designer Aashrith KA says it was because he found a�?a�?very few players in this segment and their quality didna��t justify their pricesa��a��. It was to fill this gap in the market that Khiora was born. Aashrith, who collaborates with his mother, the stained glass artist Padma Ashok, uses expertise and materials from the same manufacturer that produces for leading high-street and luxury European brands. Yet the aesthetic is original and functional.

    a�?Most Indian brands bring in foreign designers and follow international preferences. Hence, there is not much of a difference between their designs and those of popular foreign brands,a�? says Aashrith, whose products range from satchels, totes and crossbody bags to clutches, wallets and a soon-to-be-launched mena��s line.

    Globe trotters
    Aashrith keeps a close watch on Indian consumer preferences while designing pieces that a�?have a classic look that is entirely globala�?. For example, he cites that a�?large shopping bag styles are highly popular in Europe and America right now, but the Indian consumer is still not comfortable carrying something with such minimal securitya�?.A�BuyLead9

    This does not stop him from designing pieces with vibrant international colours and off-beat styles. Khiora has plenty of yellows, purples, pinks and even neons, apart from timeless blacks and nudes. Funky yet practical, their range of zipper wallets, versatile clutches (clutches with detachable straps), shoulder bags and saddlebags are affordable as well.

    All in the detail
    Khiora is also the only brand in the country that uses a�?entirely imported hardwarea�? and has passed all international standard compliance tests for lead and other globally banned products. From buckles and zips to rings and clasps, everything other than leather is imported from Japan and France. With very little external detailing and all the attention focused on the design and quality, you will find Italian patent leather structured bags, Nubuck shoulder bags and grainy leather satchels vying for attention on their racks. We especially loved their red patent leather bowling bag and elephant gray soft and shiny Mayfair in buttery Nubuck.Khiora will soon be available online, with a website scheduled for late March.

    Rs 2,500 upwards. At The Leather Boutique, Indiranagar. Details: 9845117987

    a��Susanna Chandy


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