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    Cheryl Hines on playing Edie, the ex-wife of Zorn and the challenges of the role

    Comedy is clearly her forte as Cheryl Hines gets ready to be part of TV series, Son of Zorn, even as we hear that the 51-year-old will be reprising her role in the popular sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm and will be doing the film, Wilson, next year. The American actress plays Edie, ex-wife of the only animated character in the series, Zorn (voice by Jason Sudeikis). Here, The Ugly Truth actor tells us about the imagination behind the script and what is in store.

    Can you describe the show to us?
    Son of Zorn is about one animated character who is this warrior, muscular, barbarian-type figure from a different country who comes to Orange County to try to reconnect with his son, who he hasn’t seen in 10 years. And he’s the only animated character in the show. Besides that, it’s about a dysfunctional, funky family.

    How’s filming been for you?
    Well, logistically, it’s challenging. Because, you know, you’re doing a scene with nobody. And it’s also challenging because you know that Zorn is going to be animated, and he takes up a certain amount of space. So you can’t really cross over into his plane when you’re acting.

    Can you tell us about your character?
    I play Zorn’s ex-wife, and you know, I want him to have a relationship with his son, although Zorn drives me crazy. So I am just always trying to keep it connected.

    The show premieres on November 27, 10.30 pm on Star World
    and Star World HD

    —Team Indulge


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